An autoclave provides a pressurized and heated environment within its chamber, generating steam as part of a timed cycle to create sterile conditions. In fields like healthcare, autoclaves are ideal for sanitizing medical instruments, maintaining consistent temperatures and moisture levels to keep surgical tools free of contamination. Alternatively, autoclaves are also heated by electric heaters in industries such as Aerospace, Motorsports Composites, etc. When an autoclave is not working properly, however, operators risk the performance and safety of their applications. Regular preventative maintenance is essential for safe and effective functionality, reducing production downtime, and extending the service life of the autoclave itself.

At Bondtech Corporation, we have over 30 years of experience in delivering rapid support and cost-efficiency through our installation, service, and repair capabilities. Our team works on autoclaves of all brands and types for professionals in industrial, medical, wood treatment, aerospace, and rubber vulcanization sectors and more, designing and manufacturing versatile units to meet customers’ exacting specifications. Learn more about our wide range of specialized technical services.

Autoclave Installation Capabilities

Bondtech is a preferred service vendor thanks to our knowledgeable, fast, and professional staff. Our team can quickly and efficiently perform installations in the field for autoclave systems of every make. Our installation capabilities include:

  •     New and used autoclave installations
  •     New and used autoclave start-ups
  •     Turnkey installations

Bondtech Approach to Autoclave Repair ServiceDOOR CUTTING

Our team’s extensive hands-on experience with rebuilt and used autoclaves gives us the expertise to service, repair, and replace autoclave systems from every manufacturer. The sum of our team’s collective experience surpasses 200 years of working with autoclave systems around the world. We can perform system recalibrations and repair or weld autoclave shells to code.

Additional Repair Services

For Hodge or Harris products, Bondtech offers field installations and re-wedging for the companies’ quick opening doors for autoclave systems. We also handle roller and hydraulic cylinder repairs and replacements.

Advanced Capabilities for All Services

Bondtech brings a full-service collection of advanced capabilities and our commitment to superior customer service to every installation, maintenance, repair, and refurbishment we perform.


Bondtech offers timely optimizations of any type of autoclave system. Our optimization services include:

  •     Complete redesigns
  •   Automation implementation
  •     Complete on-site or factory system refurbishment
  •     Engineering services
  •     Testing and calibration
  •     Troubleshooting
  •     Control upgrades

Field Assistancerelocation

Bondtech provides a wide range of support in the field. Our field assistance services include:

  •     Prompt field installations of new autoclave systems
  •     Relocations
  •     On-site inspections

Our team can also perform additional field modifications and services upon request, so please check with us for your in-the-field needs.

Preventative Maintenance

Our team provides annual PM services to thoroughly check your autoclave’s general condition and address the following:

  •     Calibration of controls and gauges, as applicable
  •     Corrosion and buildup
  •     Pressure relief and interlocking systems
  •     Door closures (wedges and alignment)
  •     Locking ring inspection
  •     Gasket materials
  •     Controls and operational procedures

We also complete a full safety inspection, with training programs on offer.

service infographicQuality Assurance and Testing

Bondtech performs the following quality assurance and testing services for customer peace of mind:

  •     OEM-compliant autoclave refurbishing
  •     Nondestructive testing (NDT) inspections
  •     Testing and calibration
  •     On-site inspecting
  •     ASME-compliant vessel integrity testing

24/7 Assistance

Bondtech understands that urgent needs cannot wait. We offer 24/7 emergency assistance, including:

  •     Troubleshooting
  •     No-charge dial-in phone support
  •     Emergency on-site support in 24 hours or less

Other Technical Support

Our experts can assist with a variety of technical support services, including:

  •     Autoclave vessel repair and replacement
  •     Door repair and replacement

Your Trusted Partner for Autoclave Service and Repair

Maintenance and repair services are vital to a functioning autoclave. Bondtech utilizes state-of-the-art technology to bring refurbished autoclaves up to modern standards so that the autoclave will not only look like a brand-new unit but function as one as well. Our team will work with you from the initial metallurgical and mechanical design stage through final quality testing. Your unique specifications along with any budget and time constraints will be top of mind as we install, customize, or service your autoclave, even those of our competitors, to fit your specific application. We maintain an extensive parts inventory for most autoclave brands to help customers reduce downtime, and in most cases, our PM services do not require a system shut-down.

Our experienced autoclave professionals can quickly and efficiently meet your service needs. Contact us to learn more about our capabilities, or request a quote today.

Including But Not Limited To...

Control Systems

  • Repairs/Replacement
  • Complete Redesigns
  • Automation Implementation
  • Complete System Refurbishment (Factory or On-Site)
  • Engineering Services
  • Testing & Calibration
  • Troubleshooting

Field Installation and Repairs

  • New or used autoclave installations
  • New or used autoclave start-up
  • Autoclave shell code welding and repair
  • Vessel integrity testing as per ASME requirements
  • On-site inspections
  • Misc. field work and modifications per request
  • Field installation of Hodge or Harris Quick opening doors
  • Hodge or Harris Quick opening door re-wedging, and roller replacement/repair
  • Hodge or Harris Hydraulic cylinder repair or replacement

Field Service Features

  • Reduction of downtime
  • Extended service life
  • Sole source responsibility
  • 24-48 hour emergency service
  • Experienced and professional
  • Cost Effective

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