Autoclaves are an important tool in various industries, but they are especially vital in aerospace applications. Composite autoclaves are used to cure composites, which are two or more different materials. To create a composite material, the individual materials must be combined and cured or hardened. Composite autoclaves use heat and pressure to cure composites, and they are an essential part of the manufacturing process for many aerospace components. 

Autoclaves come in various sizes and shapes, and they can be customized to meet the specific needs of a particular application. Although they are primarily used in the aerospace industry, composite autoclaves can also be used in other industries, such as the automotive and medical industries. Keep reading to learn more about what composite autoclaves are and their applications in the aerospace industry.


Composite Autoclaves in the Aerospace Industry

Autoclaves are pressure vessels used to process parts and materials by subjecting them to elevated temperatures and pressures. Composite autoclaves are specially designed to process composite materials, often used in the aerospace industry due to their high strength-to-weight ratio. In a composite autoclave, the temperature and pressure are carefully controlled to cure the composite material, strengthening the bonds between the individual fibers. 

Since autoclaves are pressurized chambers and withstand incredibly high temperatures and pressures, they must be built to meet or exceed the standards set by the regulatory bodies. Their walls and doors must be thick, and all seals must be airtight. They should also be equipped with an emergency release valve in case of an unexpected pressure increase. All this is to ensure the safety of workers and the quality of products.

Aerospace autoclaves are held to a higher standard than autoclave systems used in wood treatment or vulcanizing. They are often used to process critical parts that must meet stringent safety and quality requirements.

Autoclave curing helps achieve the correct resin-to-fiber ratio in aerospace and aircraft composite parts. During this process, the part is placed in a vacuum chamber where it is exposed to high temperatures. This helps minimize resin voids and ensures that the part meets the required specifications.

Autoclaves are an essential tool in the aerospace industry, and their use has helped improve the quality and safety of aircraft parts.


Bondtech’s Aerospace Composite Autoclaves

Bondtech offers a variety of composite autoclaves that meet various specifications, codes, and standards. We have partnered with companies across the globe and have engineered and developed autoclaves for advanced applications in aerospace, nuclear, glass, concrete, and motorsport industries. 

Our autoclaves are some of the most advanced in the industry, and they have a variety of applications in the aerospace field. For example, Bondtech’s autoclaves can be used to bond composite materials to metal substrates. This is an important process in aircraft construction, as it allows for the creation of strong, lightweight structures.

In addition, Bondtech’s autoclaves can be used to cure composite materials. This is an essential step in aerospace composites manufacturing, as it helps to ensure that the material retains its strength and durability. Our systems are constructed with multiple international standards in mind, including: 

  • ASME 
  • UL
  • CE/PED
  • And more!

Bondtech’s EnVision control system is used for composite polymer curing and provides advanced process controls and testing systems. It can accurately cure composites with various thermal and physical properties.



All of our autoclaves are designed and built by these codes and standards:

  • American Society for Testing Materials (ASTM)
  • American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC)
  • Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code ASME Section VIII, Division I
  • “R” Stamping by National Board of Boilers and Pressure Vessel Inspectors


High-Precision Autoclave Systems from Bondtech

Composite autoclaves are used extensively in the aerospace industry for bonding and curing composite parts. The team at Bondtech has extensive experience manufacturing composite autoclaves to the most stringent aerospace specifications. Contact us today to request a quote and see how Bondtech can help you meet your composite bonding needs.