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The Bondtech Corporation offer a complete spectrum of industrial autoclave solutions to all industrial sectors that utilize autoclave equipment as part of their manufacturing processes. Our team takes pride in positioning Bondtech as the best value solution in providing the total autoclave package solution across all industrial sectors.

Specific to the aerospace CFRP / composites industry, we offer the modern, state of the art, EnVision computer control system. The people at Bondtech have been supplying autoclave systems to the aerospace industry since 1986. We understand that providing a robust, stable, and dependable control system is one of the most important keys, and which differentiate one autoclave manufacturer from another. Ultimately, if you do not have proper data acquisition with quality reporting, you cannot sell the parts you make. The Bondtech Corporation has answered this requirement with the development of the EnVision Computerized Control system; the most modern and stable system in the market today. EnVision meets or exceeds all current and known future requirements of governmental agencies such as the FAA and the EASA in addition to all OEM Aerospace requirements (i.e. Airbus AIPI-03-02-019 & AP-3222-E, Boeing D6-49327-G & D-38558-2, etc.)

Feature Rich Control Processes

Step by Step Operation Controls

System I/O Monitoring

The EnVision system contains three primary hardware components to permit optimum versatility and security. First, an industrial PC touch screen computer which acts is the HMI to the rest of the system and offers various networking and back-up capabilities (Keyboard & mouse are optional). Second, a Multi-tasking industrial PLC controller to perform data acquisition and machine operational interfaces. Finally, there is a second embedded PC Computer with dual network connections to provide primary data recording and provide the enhanced features of the EnSight system. EnSight is the operational intelligence engine developed by Bondtech. As you will see, we chose this hardware-fragmented configuration to offer a deeper level of security, safety, and features unavailable to any autoclave control systems until now. Bondtech has dedicated staff that actively work with all our customers to continually improve and add features to our HMI and controls. If there are any additions or enhancements that you, our customers feel would improve the EnVision system, please do not hesitate to let us know; we are always seeking to improve our products and services for all customers. Some of our 2018 releases will include full energy auditing and recording, remote diagnostic and updates, and finally auto generated KPI and maintenance reports.

EnVision is offered as standard equipment on all new Bondtech aerospace autoclave systems. The EnVision system is also available as an upgrade or retrofit option to enhance the control and operation of autoclaves from all manufacturers. Customers will often choose this option to enhance the efficiencies of their existing equipment to aid in the reduction of operating costs.