Large capacity autoclaves are used to quickly and efficiently sterilize large volumes of equipment or equipment that is too large to fit into standard-sized autoclaves. They are critical for use in everything from instrument manufacturing and food processing applications to medical and pharmaceutical equipment. For large-scale operations, large capacity autoclaves help expedite the sterilization process, which enhances operational efficiency and reduces labor and downtime. 

At Bondtech, we are dedicated to providing our customers with quality autoclaves that meet the particular needs of any application. Our selection of large capacity autoclaves are specifically designed to facilitate speedy and thorough sanitization for reliable operations that exceed industry standards and regulations.

We design and manufacture all of our autoclave systems in accordance with stringent ASME standards for boilers and pressure vessels. Our proprietary high-vacuum systems incorporate specially designed vacuum sealing technology and are controlled using an online-accessible programmable logic controller (PLC) for fine calibration and real-time support. With both automatic and semi-automatic systems, you can tailor your large autoclave to ensure optimal efficiency. 

Benefits of Large Capacity Autoclaves

Large capacity autoclaves offer a variety of advantages over their smaller counterparts:

  • Pressure Safe. Due to the larger capacity and higher pressure required to ensure sanitization in a larger space, large autoclaves feature state-of-the-art pressure-safe vacuum technology.
  • Quality Materials. Large capacity autoclaves are manufactured from highly durable stainless steel to prevent corrosion, rust, and deformation. 
  • Steam Generation. The chamber size of large autoclaves requires highly efficient steam generation equipment for quick, thorough sanitization. 
  • User Friendly Controls. Large capacity autoclaves are manufactured with intuitive, easy-to-use controls and automation that allow users to safely and quickly sanitize large quantities of equipment with extreme efficiency. 

Safety Features of Large Capacity Autoclaves

Large Capacity Autoclaves

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Large capacity autoclaves use a variety of features to ensure optimal safety and protection for operators, facilities, and equipment being sterilized. Some primary safety features of large capacity autoclaves include: 

  • Door safety measures to ensure that all openings are closed and sealed before the steaming cycle starts
  • Door lock sensors to ensure that all doors are locked before beginning the cycle
  • Sensors are in place to ensure that the door does not close if there are obstructions
  • Door locks will not unseal until the pressure of the chamber is consistent with conditions outside the autoclave
  • Safety valves are installed to ensure that excess pressure can be discharged
  • Water level and pressure sensors operate at all times to ensure safe operation
  • Emergency shutoff systems are easily accessible and user-friendly

Large Capacity Autoclaves: There’s More than One Cooling Option

Large autoclaves must generate a great deal of heat quickly to establish adequate sanitization temperatures. To expedite throughput, a variety of cooling equipment may be used, depending on the design of your autoclave. Some of the most common cooling options include: 

  • Internal and external fan cooling
  • Water chamber auto-drain
  • Chamber cooling water coils
  • Chamber cooling water jacket

Accessories for Large Capacity Autoclaves

Since large capacity autoclaves are incorporated into a wide range of applications, they are often tailored for the particular needs of each operation. Accessories such as tables, shelves, racks, and trolleys can help you modify the system for a more efficient and effective process. Some useful accessories for large capacity autoclaves include: 

  • Tube racks
  • Stacking baskets, drums, and pails
  • Rectangular and round baskets with solid or porous bottoms
  • Tables, shelves, and stands

Quality Large Capacity Autoclaves by Bondtech

At Bondtech, we are committed to providing our customers with the most advanced large capacity autoclaves in the industry. We understand the need for reliable autoclave equipment and accessories to ensure regulation-compliant sanitization operations across a wide range of industries. To learn more about our superior selection of large capacity autoclaves and associated equipment, contact the experts at Bondtech today or request a quote