Bondtech is the world leader in the manufacturing of autoclave systems for a great number of industries. Bondtech manufactures a variety of autoclaves whereby high temperature bags and liners are used.

Some of the autoclave applications where high temperature bags and liners are used are: medical waste, Aphis waste, and other type of sterilization. Additionally, some automotive and composite processes utilize high temperature liners.

Bags and liners are used inside the autoclaves to:

  • Hold the waste that is placed inside the cart
  • Extend the life cycle of every cart
  • Reduce wear and tear on dumper by dumping the treated waste easily
  • Enhance perception of clean/safe operation
  • Eliminate labor required to periodically remove waste debris from carts

At Bondtech, we manufacture a full range of standard and custom bags and liners suitable for use in autoclaves (minimum order required). Our autoclave cart bags and liners feature:

  • Polypropylene resin construction
  • Superior heat resistance even when exposed to steam and high temperatures
  • An integrated heat/steam indicator (minimizing the amount of tagging/marking required)
  • Compliance with dumping height requirements
  • English and Spanish language printed text
  • A printed Universal Biohazard Symbol
  • American-made construction and assembly

Autoclaving Guidelines

The standard autoclaving process includes the following stages:

  1. Selecting the right bin liner. The right bin liner to use for an autoclaving operation is largely dependent on the size of the cart and MUST be a high-temperature capable bag to avoid “sticking” to the cart sides. This will reduce occupational exposure and potential injuries related to cleaning waste from carts.
  2. Placing the waste/sharps in proper high temperature bin liners. Secondary containers for sharps can be made from appropriate plastic or metal, such as polypropylene.
  3. Selecting the autoclave cycle. Prepare the machine by checking the drain screen and choose and execute an autoclave cycle that is appropriate for your materials utilizing a pre-vacuum to ensure the waste is treated properly.
  4. Filling out the autoclave logbook with all pertinent details. Record the date, operator name, cycle time, and indicator results for the autoclaving operation. This is automatically recorded through the chart recorder installed on the autoclave control panel.
  5. Taking all appropriate precautions while removing the bag after the cycle has finished. This is accomplished by use of a tipper so that the operator never comes into direct contact with the sterilized waste.

Ensuring that an autoclave remains in proper working order throughout its expected service life require that technicians:

  • Only sterilize materials that the autoclave can appropriately handle
  • Monitor the autoclave and performing validation tests as needed
  • Have a regular preventative maintenance schedule

Bondtech’s Autoclave Cart Liner Offerings

At Bondtech, we offer a wide range of autoclaving cart liners custom sized to bin size or customer needs.

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Bondtech autoclave bags and liners provide a number of benefits to facilities that use autoclaves, including:

  • Longer autoclave bin life
  • Less wear and tear
  • Less waste buildup (and less odor produced and manual labor required for cleanup)
  • Less exposure to contaminated materials

At Bondtech, we are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality products for their autoclaving needs. Contact our team to learn more about our selection of autoclave bags and liners. Visit our order page to make a purchase today.