Having the right tools is essential to getting tasks done quickly and correctly. Bondtech Corporation offers a selection of industrial-grade carts for transporting goods in industrial applications, such as storage, material handling, and picking. For specialized applications, we can custom-design carts based on your needs.

Our industrial-grade carts include composite autoclave carts, service carts, and heavy-duty utility carts. We custom-make them to meet your specifications for load capacity, size, maneuverability, material, and other application-specific requirements. Learn what makes a cart industrial-grade, the types of industrial carts, and our customization options to help you determine the ideal industrial cart for your application.

What Are Industrial-Grade Carts?

Industrial metal carts are a safe and efficient solution for moving bulky, large materials through a facility. They can be made to meet client specifications for size, load capacity, functionality, and maneuverability. The platform and caster’s heavy-duty construction—of carbon steel and stainless steel—is what makes them industrial-grade.

Industrial-grade carts are ideal for various general applications, such as handling and transporting aerospace parts, motorsport components, medical instruments, sporting goods, and glass laminations. Glass laminations can include ballistic glass, tempered glass, architectural glass, and automotive windshields.

Common Types of Custom Industrial Carts

The two main types of custom industrial carts are service carts and heavy-duty utility carts. Service carts generally have a welded, sturdy construction of at least 12 gauge steel. Shelves have stiffeners and they can typically hold up to 4,000 pounds. Heavy-duty utility carts are usually made of at least 16 gauge steel, with handles and maneuverable wheels for maximum versatility in various settings.


Service carts and utility carts can come in the following configurations:

  • Platform carts
  • Two-shelf carts
  • Adjustable shelf carts & tray carts
  • Pipe rack carts
  • Lift & platform carts
  • Three-sided carts
  • Stock picking carts
  • Bin carts

Customizing Your Composite Cart

At Bondtech, we custom design and engineer carts depending on our clients’ specifications. We can adjust the size, load capacity, and maneuverability to deliver a custom solution for any application. Our custom-made carts are designed to accommodate the materials, parts, or products that require transport.

Because it can be unsafe and inefficient to use a cart that is too large or too light for your specific application, customizing ensures the cart has the right sturdiness, shelf space, and size. Every cart we make is as durable and user-friendly as possible, to reduce the risk of injury and safety concerns.

Custom Composite Carts from Bondtech

Bondtech can build a custom industrial-grade cart to accommodate the parts or products you need to move throughout your facility. Our carts are made of heavy-duty composite materials, suited for various industrial applications. When you choose Bondtech for your custom composite carts, you can rely on our knowledge and experience in serving clients across many industries. Contact us to learn more about our custom industrial carts, or request a quote to begin your custom cart solution today.

Use the tools to get the job right and fast. Bondtech provides industrial grade carts for all your industrial needs.