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Bondtech, our commitment to excellence


  • At Bondtech, our commitment to excellence ensures that our Medical Waste autoclave not only meet but exceed industry standard, guaranteeing optimal performance, reliability, and compliance for the Medical Waste Industry. We understand the importance of adhering to protocols when treating infectious materials, prioritizing safety for individuals and the environment. Our MW autoclaves offer numerous advantages in the secure and efficient disposal of medical waste by effectively sterilizing biohazardous materials. What sets Bondtech apart is our dedication to delivering the highest quality equipment, providing healthcare facilities with a trusted and dependable solution for their crucial sterilization needs.  

Bondtech Corporation – Autoclaves

Bondtech Corporation no solo vende maquinaria, fabricamos a la medida según las especificaciones, reconstruimos la maquinaria existente y brindamos servicio a todas las marcas de equipos, incluso a nuestros competidores.

Nuestra experiencia en diversas industrias permite un mayor conocimiento de los requerimientos técnicos del cliente. La fiabilidad y seguridad que es imprescindible en la industria aeroespacial es imprescindible en todos los autoclaves de Bondtech. Bondtech Corporation es un único proveedor de autoclaves y recipientes a presión nuevos y reacondicionados. La capacidad de fuente única representa un control directo que comienza con un diseño mecánico y metalúrgico coordinado hasta la prueba final del sistema completo. Bondtech utiliza la tecnología más avanzada para llevar el autoclave a los estándares actuales. Cuando se completa el autoclave, la unidad no solo se verá como nueva, sino que también funcionará y durará como una unidad nueva. Al restaurar una unidad, tendremos en cuenta los requisitos únicos de nuestros clientes, así como las consideraciones presupuestarias.

The Different Evolutions In Medical Waste Containers

The_Different_Evolutions_In_Medical_Waste_ContainersThe different evolutions in Medical Waste Containers market growth with top key vendors like Bemis Manufacturing Company, Terra Universal, Bondtech Corporation, Sharps Compliance, GPC Medical Ltd.

Medical Waste Containers
This report titled as Medical Waste Containers, gives a brief about the comprehensive research and an outline of its growth in the market globally. It states about the significant market drivers, trends, limitations and opportunities to give a wide-ranging and precise data and also scrutinizes its growth in the overall markets development which is needed and expected. Additionally, it analyzes the facets that distresses the market globally, to further make an appropriate choice on its dissection.

Medical waste consists of discarded biological products removed from health care facilities. The 1988 Medical Waste Tracking Act defines medical waste as the waste material generated during medical research, testing, diagnosis, immunization, or treatment of either human beings or animals. Disposal of medical waste is a major challenge faced by health care providers. Medical waste is composed of contaminated blood, body fluids, body parts, infectious sharps, or other potentially hazardous biological material. Medical waste containers are used by waste generators to collect waste that is generated by health care facilities.

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Top key Vendors:
Medtronic, BD, Daniels Health, Thermo Fisher Scientific, EnviroTain, Henry Schein, MAUSER Group, Bemis Manufacturing Company, Terra Universal, Bondtech Corporation, Sharps Compliance, GPC Medical Ltd.

Improved government participation in designing stringent regulatory acts aimed at proper disposal of medical waste across the globe is one of the major factor for the estimated expansion of the medical waste containers market during the forecast period. However, low awareness about specificity of medical waste disposal containers is expected to restrain the medical waste containers market in the coming years.

Most of the organizations lack with the steadfast assets and the abilities that are essential for assembling a general statistical surveying. Aligned and colossal surveying helps any firm to consume clear and significant stakes in the market that need to be deliberated for effective decision making.

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Bondtech Corporation Fights Ebola

bondtech_autoclave_ebolaSomerset, KY – As the Ebola virus gains more and more attention overseas and throughout the US, medical facilities are scrambling for a way to take extra precautions in an attempt to keep the deadly virus at bay. Just last week, a Liberians man traveled through Brussels and Washington before finally being diagnosed with the Ebola virus in Dallas. He died from the virus shortly after, sparking even more national concern.

“There may be a small outbreak because he did walk around with symptoms,” said an infectious disease expert, Debra Spicehandler, at Northern Westchester Hospital in Mount Kisco, NY. “So we may see a few more cases related to him.” The CDC highlights the importance of intense sterilization and precautions to prevent the virus from spreading any further.

Now, the President of Bondtech Corp., Elsa J. Brown, stated that the outbreak of Ebola is quite alarming. “We are all at risk here – and we at Bondtech Corp. believe that aggressive methods should be put in place to stop this horrible virus from spreading into our neighborhood.”

In emergency situations, many hospitals and health facilities have protocols to follow, regarding the isolation and treatment of the infected patient. They have personal protective equipment, restrictions of visitation and the implementations of infections control measures, however, once their medical waste is disposed of, it needs to be handled and disposed of properly. That’s where Bondtech Corp. feels that they can help in a big way.

Bondtech Corp. is the world’s leader in the supply of autoclave systems. These autoclaves are used for the treatment of infectious waste, including the Ebola virus. They feel that right now, more than ever, they have a civil obligation to present some ideas regarding the proper implementation of infectious control. Knowledge is power, and the right education in medical waste disposal could mean the difference in creating a healthy establishment. Bondtech Corp. stresses the importance proper cleaning, segregation of all stained sheets, clothing, gauze, syringes and sterilization of medical instruments. Without the right sterilization, virus transmission can continue and most likely amplify an outbreak. Recently, some top experts have said that the Ebola virus is perhaps more easily spread than we think, so it’s now that Bondtech is coming forward with some critical tips to saying safe. Any hospital or medical care facility who has the ability to treat Ebola virus patients – or patients of other highly contagious or infectious diseases – should seriously consider autoclaving their medical waste to prevent the spreading of contagions.

“Ebola is not spread through the air.” Said a spokesperson for the CDC, who then went on to explain that the deadly virus is actually spread though bodily fluids or direct contact. This means that clothing, medical utensils and any object that comes in contact with an infected patient needs to be highly sterilized. “Do not handle items that may have come in contact with an infected person’s blood or body fluids (such as clothes, bedding, needles, and medical equipment)” The CDC goes on to stress the importance of virus prevention in hospitals. “Practice proper infection control and sterilization measures.”

Bondtech Corp. has more than 30 years of experience in the field, and has been a pioneer in establishing autoclaves for the treatment of biological waste, using vacuum cycles for more efficiency. A company that battles infectious diseases on a daily basis now comes forward to take an initiative in assisting the eradication of the Ebola virus as well. This virus can spread and Bondtech is showing that they’re here to make sure that doesn’t happen.

Bondtech Supplys 113,000 lbs Autoclave to Aerospace Customer

petePete Woolridge, Sales Specialist with Bondtech Corporation, walks past the 113,000-pound autoclave that was delivered to IMS Fabrication, owned by Bondtech, in Salisbury, North Carolina.

Bondtech will add about 20,000 pounds of various devices to the carbon steel pressure vessel to make this hulk operational for a customer in the aerospace industry. This 50-foot-long autoclave with a 13 foot inside diameter will use pressure and heat to fuse materials together.

Among the autoclaves scattered around the Bondtech facility, there is one that towers above the rest. Bondtech manufactures and refurbishes autoclaves for different industries. Autoclaves are used to create products that need intense heat and pressures ranging from tires that need to be retreaded to bulletproof glass can be put in an autoclave to create a rigid, finished product. They can also be used for medical waste sterilization.

“This is one of the largest systems that Bondtech has completed and looks forward to building even larger systems if the opportunity becomes available.” Pete Wooldridge – Bondtech

Dana Ingold, an engineer for IMS Fabrication in North Carolina, said the carbon steel pressure vessel is 50 feet long overall, 13 feet in diameter, weighs 113,000 pounds and will weigh 20,000 pounds more when the company is finished with it. The vessel will be able to have an internal temperature of 450 degrees Fahrenheit and a pressure of 160 pounds per square inch.

Harvey Morgan, general manager, said the vessel spanned the width of the facility’s back door. They had to use a crane to get the vessel off of the truck. In a project that will take about two months, workers at IMS Fabrication will be adding additional components such as state of the art PLC controls, a fan motor, heating elements and cooling systems and plumbing to pressurize the vessel. Ingold said he prefers bigger vessels because there is “plenty of room to work.” He said it was exciting to have such a big pressure vessel in the facility. Ingold said he likes the idea that one vessel they work on could be used for aerospace while another could be used for tires. “Every day it seems like something different comes up”