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BONDTECH Corporation Website BONDTECH's autoclaves are designed to meet each individual customer's application and budget.
BONDTECH Corp. New Product 2016 - Bondtech Autoclave System

BONDTECH 12X30 Composite Autoclave Time Lapse

12X30 working area, 165 PSIG @ 500F, Bondtech EnVision PLC Controls, Cantilever Bridge, 225 Ton Marley, Cooling Tower and Pump Skid, Floor and Chamber, Autoclave Carts.


BST Pre-Shred Autoclave/Shredder System is designed for hospitals and small medical waste treatment plants and it is modularized for installation in small area. Our new system is composed of an autoclave and shredder integrated in a pressure/vacuum vessel. Heavy-duty design assures long lifetime.


BONDTECH Corporation at CAMX 2016 - Visit us at the Anaheim Convention Center, Anaheim, CA 92802

CAMX 2016Now in its 3rd year, CAMX has established itself as North America’s event that connects and advances the world’s composites and advanced materials communities – the go-to marketplace for products, solutions, networking and advanced industry thinking. It is produced by ACMA and SAMPE, two leading industry non-profit organizations.

BONDTECH Corporation Fights Ebola

Somerset, KY - As the Ebola virus gains more and more attention overseas and throughout the US, medical facilities are scrambling for a way to take extra precautions in an attempt to keep the deadly virus at bay. Just last week, a Liberians man traveled through Brussels and Washington before finally being diagnosed with the Ebola virus in Dallas. He died from the virus shortly after, sparking even more national concern.


BONDTECH Corp. is a full service company designing, engineering and manufacturing autoclave systems, with material handling, for technical industries such as infectious medical waste treatment, aerospace composites, glass lamination, rubber vulcanizing, wood treating, yarn setting and many other applications in industry and medical waste management.

SYSTEMS Advantages

BONDTECH's autoclaves are designed to meet each individual customer's application and budget. Consulting services are available. BONDTECH's experience in various industries allows for a higher knowledge of customer's technical requirements. The reliability and dependability which is a must in the aerospace industry is a must in all of BONDTECH autoclaves.


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    Composite Autoclaves Our technology systems are currently installed and operating in several industries, including but not limited to aerospace, motor sports, glass or acrylic panels, glass lamination, clean room epoxy bonding, sporting or consumer goods, textiles, rubber, plastics and other R&D applications. Our manufactures integrated systems...
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    Medical Waste Autoclaves BONDTECH Corp. has supplied high vacuum and high pressure autoclave systems to the waste treatment industry for almost 30 years. Our systems are designed to treat biomedical, Aphis, USDA, flight kitchens, airport, pharmaceutical, laboratory and any other infectious wastes that requires treatment or sterilization...
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    Lab Autoclaves Series Lab Series Autoclaves uses the most advanced technology to bring our systems up to today's standards. When the autoclave is completed, the unit will not only look like new, but it will also perform and last like a top unit. When we produce a system we will take into consideration our customer's unique requirements as well as...
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    Shredders BONDTECH's shredders ensures that Red Bag waste is rendered unrecognizable after sterilization. In a sterile and unrecognizable form the waste can meet regulatory requirements and be safely, inexpensively and locally landfilled - a cost effective and environmentally secure solution. Available in both electric and hydraulic versions.
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    Bin Dumpers The most effective way to transfer waste for treatment to the next stage of processing. These bin dumper systems are very robust and very versatile built in different versions, one stop from lifting and tilting the more units of mixing and grinding waste. BONDTECH Corp. offers a wide range of standard configurations of bin dumper ...
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    Waste Compactors BONDTECH Corp. compactors are enclosed, secure, hygienic and safety. Our equipment will reduce waste volumes by up to six/one times, therefore providing an often significant waste handling and eliminating or reducing such issues as odors, spillage, wind scatter, infestation or fire risk. The compactor has optimized dimensions ...
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    Autoclave Liners Ever melted those cheap liners and bags when autoclaving? Is cleaning your messy autoclave carts a bother? Protect your investment! Get BONDTECH's high heat and easy to install "PRO-TECH" liners for your autoclave carts or other high temperature lining purpose. The BONDTECH "PRO-TECH" liners provide several advantages to enhance your operation.
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    Medical Waste Handling Bags Fortune's AutoClave bags are specifically designed for your medical waste management to ensure safety and proper disposal of specific waste. Our bags are made with super-tough, heat resistant, polypropylene resins and there are printed with the universal biohazard symbol for safe and accurate use. Text can be printed in English and Spanish.
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    Custom Bio-Hazard Red Bags BONDTECH Corp. is your choice manufacturer of redbag and other poly bags. Our facility allows BONDTECH to create the bag of your choice. We can provide custom size, color, thickness, or print you may need. BONDTECH Corp. bags are custom made to meet our customer specifications. ( Gauge, printed or un-printed, temperature strips, color, etc. are optional features).
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Service and Maintenance by BONDTECH

BONDTECH Corp. not only sell autoclave systems. BONDTECH offers professional advice to purchase the perfect system for customers needs. Thus, customers can choose a configuration that meets its requirements at a good price. Also, we can help you find the perfect location for equipment technology to ensure excellent flow.

Our service Department is readily available to meet your service and maintenance needs. Our Parts Department stocks a great variety of parts to accommodate our customers needs.

We can tailor a program that will best suit your specific needs:

punct Preventive maintenance program – Once or twice/year
punct Calibration
punct Service and Maintenance on as per-needed basis
punct Total refurbishment at our factory or at your location.

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The BONDTECH Corp. Core Leaching and removal system, is a self-contained high pressure, high temperature capable caustic autoclave system, utilized in the removal of ceramic inserts from high nickel alloy investment castings. Each system is custom designed for the application and the product processed.


punct Heating and insulation system is properly sized to meet the design temperature requirements
punct Temperature Monitoring Devices Thermocouple Type K on each zone
punct Exterior Painted with heat and corrosion resistant primer and paint
punct Vent and Drain System Modular cooling coil with stainless steel wetted parts
punct Basket System A heavy duty corrosion resistant basket
punct Basket Agitation Vertical agitation of the loaded basket is available
punct Chamber Pressure transducer, pressure valves, compressed air or nitrogen
punct All Safety Alarms, Valves and Attachments
punct Allen Bradley CompactLogix PLC programmable control system
punct BONDTECH PLC and PC Based Control System, The BONDTECH EnVision System

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