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Medical Waste Autoclaves

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High Vacuum Biomedical Waste Autoclaves

Bondtech Corp. has supplied high vacuum and high pressure autoclave systems to the waste treatment industry for almost 30 years. Our systems are designed to treat biomedical, Aphis, USDA, flight kitchens, airport, pharmaceutical, laboratory and any other infectious wastes that requires treatment or sterilization. Bondtech has made a total commitment to provide a reliable as well as durable autoclave system.

BONDTECH Corp. is the world’s leader of autoclave systems for the commercial medical waste industry. Whether you are looking for a commercial autoclave or an on-site autoclave, BONDTECH Corp. is there to provide you the highest quality autoclave/sterilizer system at very competitive prices.

BONDTECH’s autoclaves use our proprietary designed autoclave door with over 100 years of engineering and experience built into each Hodge quick-opening door. All of our autoclave systems are built in strict accordance to the ASME boiler and pressure vessel code. They are packaged and modularized for easy installation. Our proprietary high vacuum system has been designed by an Engineering firm that specializes in vacuum processes since 1917. The autoclave is controlled by the state-of-the-art programmable logic controller (PLC) with modem hook up capabilities for online support. BONDTECH Corp. can supply automatic of semi-automatic material handling system.


Shredder,Bin Dumper,Medical Waste Autoclave
Shredder,Bin Dumper,Medical Waste Autoclave
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Medical Waste Loading Up For Treatment
Medical Waste Autoclave
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Medical Waste Loading Up For Treatment

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