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Bondtech Corporation Product Brochure

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Bondtech Coporation Autoclaves

Rubber Vulcanizers

Pressure: 90-150 PSIG +1/16 corrosion allowance
Size: Per customer specifications
Door: Hydraulic quick opening, manualswing
Loading: Horizontal loading arrangement

Composite Lab Series

150 to 200 PSIG at 450Deg.F
EnVision PLC Controls, External Insulation
2 to 10 Thermocouples and Vacuum Lines (surce/sensing)
Vacuum Pump and Manifold included
Aircompressor 5Hp. 175 PSIG

Treatment Autoclave Systems

BONDTECH Corp. biomedical waste autoclaves were developed to provide our customers significant cost savings on waste treatment by using high vacuum and high temperature with saturated steam. We can provide commercial, on-site and mobile systems. BONDTECH's biomedical waste autoclaves are capable of treating from 200 Lbs. - 7,000+ Lbs./cycle..

Proven for Medical Treatment

BONDTECH Corp. developers of the proven technology for medical waste treatment, equipment has the following features: ruggedly designed & built for commercial use; hydraulic quick opening door & locking ring; vacuum pump for high vacuum operation; temperature probes for added protection assurance; programmable control system for precise operation; recorders for date, time, pressure, temperature monitoring; packaged & modularized for easy installation

Composite Technology

BONDTECH Corp. Is a leader in design, engineering and manufacturing of composite and glass laminating autoclave systems. Our technology systems are currently installed and operating in several industries, including but not limited to aerospace, motor sports, glass or acrylic panels, glass lamination, clean room epoxy bonding, sporting or consumer goods, textiles, rubber, plastics and other R&D applications.

Medical Waste Treatment Systems

Supplier of high vacuum/high pressure autoclaves systems to the waste treatment industry for over thirty (30) years. Bondtech is the world's largest supplier of medical waste autoclave systems.

Bondtech Servicing

Bondtech offers professional services such as turn-key installations, relocations, vessel repair & phone support. This brochure provides an overview of services and support that Bondtech provides.